Premiers of "A good day to die hard" in Kenya
18 February 2013

Premiers of
The movie world is currently a hit with the latest and fifth installment of the action-packed movie Die Hard starring Bruce Willis as detective John McClane. Titled A Good Day To Die Hard, the movie premiered around the world on Valentine's Day.

There was a private screening the day before the launch at Century Cinemax at The Junction in Nairobi which included Radio Africa staff and others including former Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission boss Patricia Nyaundi with her kids Steve and Debrah.

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Sorry you had a problem Cory. I haven't flown for quite a few years just basuece of problems like you had. You ask a simple question, you get a different answer from all of their personnel. I'm like you, just answer the damned question & quit the BS. If Pelosi was in your position, it wouldn't be a problem, as she can always use her broom.Enjoy your time with your friends family & remember her at her best. None of us know when our time is up & sometimes it comes way too soon. Live each day like it is your last & don't forget to tell Family & friends I love you , as tomorrow may never come but Love is forever.
Actually, I think I know why. Cause the last few times my comments didn't apepar, I had used the name Jennifer . But if I just use Jen the comments apepar to be fine. LOL. Have no idea why that's so. But yea. Aw, I totally agree with you. You should definitely love what you do (work-wise). So far I'm not seen any fun in my work-future =( Oh wells LOL. Anyway, that's a nice fortune =)[]

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