Prehistoric Volcano Tattooed the Earth with gigantic Rings

The circular Pilanesberg caldera is situated in the South African province known as North West, in Pilanesberg National Park. Thecaldera, features different rings of rock that build up a near perfect circle, with structures that grow about 330 to 1,640 feet above the nearby landscape. The tallest point, Matlhorwe Peak, soars 5,118 feet above sea level.

he Pilanesberg's story begins about 1.3 billion years before, when just very simple organisms, like algae, roamed the Earth and volcano often spewed magma. This molten rock is created in a large pool just underneath the Earth's crust.

Ring dikes are not ordinary features, NASA said. Only a few such structures are recognized in the world, including the Ossipee Mountains in New Hampshire. The Ossipee ring dike formed around 90 million years back, during the second of three major eruptions throughout the active period of the volcano that shaped the structure. The innovative volcano was thought to be around 10,000 feet tall although the region's present highest peak is Mount Shaw, which rises 3,200 feet above sea level.

Prehistoric Volcano Tattooed the Earth with gigantic Rings

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