Popular Tourist Attractions in Nebraska, USA

Nebraska is a state of affectionate people, attractive natural attractions, and tempting cities. Lincoln, the state capitol, and Omaha are the two major inhabitant’s centers. The Nebraska scenery also holds some charming attractions for those who take the time to discover it, from Chimney Rock to the gorgeous outlook of the Sand hills.


A Scenic Driving Tour of the Sand hills

The Sand hills area of Nebraska is a glory for nature lovers. Covering one section of the state, it consists of dunes, some reaching 300 feet high with grasslands, and trivial lakes. A driving tour through the Sand hills, frequently described as one of the main charm in the USA, is a great approach to discover the region. Highway 2 winds its way through the scenery, taking visitors on a 272 mile route history n collection of motivating natural and artificial sights, including the quirky Carhenge.


Scotts Bluff National Monument

This impressive natural formation can be seen from everywhere across the Nebraska prairies. It was used as a landmark by Native Americans who occupied the area. The national monument was foremost founded in 1919, and a lot of improvements to the region have been completed over the years. A zigzag road leads up to the higher elevations and features three tunnels. Hiking trails lead to great viewpoints out over the nearby countryside.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Nebraska, USA

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