Popular Tourist Attractions in Gatineau, Canada

Famous as Hull until 2002, Gatineau is a French-speaking metropolis situated just across the Ottawa River from the city of Ottawa. There is a well sight from Jacques-Cartier Park over to the Parliament buildings, the Rideau slopes, and other main features of Ottawa. And the city's big Gatineau Park has been a desired with Canadian prime ministers such as William Lyon Mackenzie King.


Canadian Museum of History

The wonderful Canadian Museum of History stands on the Gatineau riverbank, conflicting Ottawa's Parliament buildings, and a wall of windows looks out to Parliament Hill. Its architect, Douglas Cardinal, wanted its flowing lines to call to mind the vastness and variety of the Canadian scenery. The museum's collections hold more than a million artifacts and various are on show in the First Peoples Hall, Canada Hall, and Grand Hall. There is scrupulous stress on the longhouses and totem poles of Pacific Northwest First Nations.


Gatineau Park

Part of the Canadian Shield, Gatineau Park is a mountainous reforest and Lakeland region near the Gatineau River. Some places are set aside for outside activities such as camping, walking, riding, swimming, fishing, cycling, and skiing. Footpaths through the southern part of the park make for an especially beautiful walk in the autumn, as the leaves change colors. There are also a number of tourism attractions in the park. Lusk Cave is a marble cave that is unlock to the public for underground tours, while the Mackenzie King Estate is the impressive significant residence of the former prime minister.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Gatineau, Canada

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