Popular Tourist Attractions in Calgary

Predominantly on days when a Chinook, a temperate winter breeze, blows over Calgary, the Rocky Mountains on the western horizon emerge like an insuperable hurdle rising up from the plain. The proximity of these mountains, with their famous national parks, makes Calgary an outstanding option for a skiing, hiking, or sightseeing vacation.


Heritage Park

Heritage Park in Calgary is a distinctive village from the original period, with dozens of reconstructed chronological buildings and vigorous costumed interpreters from four diverse time periods, ranging from an 1860 fur trading fort to a 1930s town square. An old steam engine provides transport at the park, and the Gasoline Alley museum offers a hands-on, interactive familiarity with one of a type era vehicles. The village is situated by Glenmore Reservoir, which is admired with sailing, canoeing, and rowing enthusiasts.


Fort Calgary

The first settlement of the North West Mounted Police, Fort Calgary was set up in 1875 at the convergence of the Elbow and Bow Rivers. The foundations of the innovative fort can still be seen, and the Calgary Fort Museum helps infer the origin of the city. On the other side of the bridge stands Deane House, built in 1906 for the fort chief. 

Popular Tourist Attractions in Calgary

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