Popular Tourist Attractions in Arkansas

Water activities are admired in Arkansas including fishing, canoeing, kayaking, boating, swimming and water skiing. Pinnacle Mountain State Park offers hiking opportunities for environment enthusiasts with mountain biking trails. Discovering the caves of Arkansas is another motivation to trip.


Buffalo National River

Buffalo National River is an uncontaminated, free-flowing river. It has three nominated wilds areas inside its limits. Running through the Ozark Mountains, Buffalo National River is a confined region and habitat to deer, bobcats, and a diversity of other animals. Trails in the locale contain hikers and those on horseback. Information on the vicinity can be obtained from the Tyler Bend Visitor Center.


Mount Magazine State Park

Mount Magazine State Park offers an encampment, hiking trails, overlooks, a pavilion, picnic locale, tourist hub with exhibit gallery, and gift shop. A variety of interpretive programs on the vegetation, fauna, and natural and intellectual narration of Mount Magazine are accessible. The park is for environment lovers, and outdoor sports and tremendous exploration enthusiasts. The more daring can go rock climbing, hang-gliding, biking, horseback riding, or ride along the ATV trails.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Arkansas

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