Plant-embed fish feed could lead to health problems.

 To make fish farming more feasible, the aquaculture industries has mark down the feed made of other fish and replacing it with plant-based options. But the new research warns that plant based alternatives can make the fish less healthy to eat and have negative impacts on the environment. 

The researchers said that the use of plant-based ingredients could minimize the amount of healthy omega-3 fatty acids in fish which is one of the things that makes fish like salmon magnetic and tasty to consumers. 

The study shows that until now there is only four percent of feed crops are used to produce fish. But that proportion is going to increase because aquaculture is the fastest-growing form of animal production. At the same time, other types of animal production are also growing, increasing the pressure on crop production and the environment. 

Farmers should be aware of this thing because healthy nutrients is decreasing in our diet, Everyone need to pay attention.

Plant-embed fish feed could lead to health problems.

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