Pebble is including downward to amazing... however what is it?

inserting several mysteries in tech with a countdown on pinnacle of its official website: the countdown should sprint out at 6pm UK time on Wednesday twilight. At the instant that's all we have to go on, so your deduction is as fine as ours concerning what the corporation has in store. The ticker is accompanied by a "sign up to see what's next" message that inquires for an email address.


Several think there's a software update for the unique Pebble in the pipeline; others believe a product latest smart watch is on the cards. Pebble's preceding timepieces have been funded on Kickstarter.

Waiting for Eric

What we discern for certain is that Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky is planned to show at Tech Crunch's Disrupt meeting on Wednesday, so maybe he's going to allow the cat out of the bag live on stage. If it is a latest product, it wouldn't revelation us if it was an extra premium smart watch, or possibly a round-faced version of the Time.

Even as the likes of Google and Apple have pushed onward with their personal smart watch projects, Pebble has persisted to hold its individual – its Timeline software interface and sustain for smart straps are modernisms the larger companies would do fine to study from.

Pebble is including downward to amazing... however what is it?

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