Parrots, multi talented animals

Parrot sympathetic says that birds easily oppose the great apes and dolphins in all-around braininess and resourcefulness, and may be the only animals other than humans that are capable of dancing to the beat. So, they are called as feathered primates. 

 Goffin’s cockatoos are among the most instinctive inventive toolmakers ever described, and that the birds also know how to fashion the latest food-fetching device after just a single viewing of a master cockatoo at work. 

Studying the yellow-naped Amazon of Costa Rica, researchers discovered that different populations of the parrot can communicate with one another in different dialects that remain even over decades, like human languages. Just as with human beings, young parrots can easily skill multiple dialects while elders can’t  do so. 

By poohing the fruit pulp Parrots, crushed the casings to juice the plant embryos and the cache of fats and proteins planned to help those embryos germinate. So, a parrot is a plant carnivore. 

The most amazing and astonishing thing is that some species of parrots can doodle too. 

Parrots, multi talented animals

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