Panasonic pushes cavernous into professional video terrain with the GH4R

Panasonic has a announced a fresh edition of its GH4 flagship camera intended directly at proficient videographers. The GH4R is just accessible in Europe, nevertheless though users in other territories will be capable to advance existing GH4s with individual of its key features by a paid-for software upgrading. The innovative GH4 has previously engraved out a serious certified following thanks its combination of 16-megapixel stills and 4K video capabilities.


The GH4R takes this a stride further with the capability to record video at an extraordinary bit rate of 200Mbps  or 100Mbps with no footage time limit, focus on the capacity of your storage space. Even more appreciably, it adds a V-Log L footage mode for capturing better vibrant variety and allowing greater editing litheness afterward.

V-Log video

Inadequate dynamic variety frequently means that deep shadows require feature or, inferior, highlights are blown out. V-Log L footage, however, records light values on a logarithmic scale in percentage to their concentration, allowing the GH4R to capture 12 stops of forceful range. Log video recording is ordinary practice in the proficient video industry and it's the correspondent of shooting raw records on a stills camera. The recording will necessitate editing, later, however yields greatly enhanced outcome.

Panasonic says the GH4R's V-Log L recording brings it into line with the company's certified Varicam models, making it the perfect camera on TV or film sets.

Panasonic pushes cavernous into professional video terrain with the GH4R

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