Ovarian Cancer awareness

A group of girls in Florida have started a campaign to make girls conscious of their reproductive movement by hanging teal ribbons. Out of every 71, 1 is suffering from ovarian cancer, as described by the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Greater Cincinnati.Ovarian cancer is usually overlooked as ovarian cysts or a bowel syndrome because there is still no tool for detecting it. 

Ovarian cancer is a type of cancer that develops from different types of cells within the ovary, resulting in abnormal production of estrogen hormone. 


Signs actually vary in women but the most common types of symptoms include: 

  • Unrelenting abdominal bloating, indigestion or nausea 

  • Feeling full with small amount of food or a loss of appetite  

  • Feelings severe pain in either lower belly or lower back 

  • Urgency to urinate 

  • Changes in bowel movements 

  • Added on with an abdominal girth 

  • Feeling tired, low energy and less muscle strength 


See a gynecologist as soon as possible if suffering from these symptoms. 

Ovarian Cancer awareness  

Ovarian Cancer awareness

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