New Google AI app might be Hangouts and Now, revolved into individual

Google is allegedly working on an app that sounds like the corporation's Hangouts and Google Now, the entire rolled into individual. There really aren’t numerous particulars offered, however according to the statement from the Wall Street Journal, Google has been working on a messenger app that essentially comprises an .

It creates us imagine of Facbook’sM, an individual supporter that lives in the social media platform's Messenger app, and allows you explore for and total tasks, like making dinner reservations.


However... why?

If Google is working on such an app, it's presently indistinct how it would effort, particularly as it previously has the conventional messaging app Hangouts and an AI assistant through Google Now.

So while it does create sense for Google to start cooking investigate functions into a messaging app, it's uncertain if the AI functionality would be inserted to Hangouts - or if it would be an amalgamation that restores both Hangouts and Google Now.

It would, nevertheless, make sense for Google to heat in Now capabilities into such an app, as the majority information - like calendars, weather, and individual attention Cards - is previously composed by your account. But while we're going to get this statement with a granule of salt and a scratch to the head, if Google does end up opening such an app, one obsession is obvious - Google desires to maintain its messaging app as pertinent and as Facebook's Messenger app.

New Google AI app might be Hangouts and Now, revolved into individual

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