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Netflix Romantic Movies – Mood of Love – Deep Love Tales to Feel the Love with Your Partner


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With Netflix romantic movies, you can plan a date with your friend, partner, or yourself. On Netflix, the romantic films from in-depth classic stories to the light heart comedy are waiting for you. In this way, cherish yourself with many flavors of romance. It is the time to order and press play on teen romances, unique Indies, or weepy sub-genre of fiction.


Top Netflix Romantic Movies


The people who are more into romance can check the best movies streaming on Netflix from today. Our list shows along with new releases some box office hits, award-winners, bona fide classics in the mix. 


The Lovers


This film of Azazel Jacobs is an intricate love story of a couple Mary (Debra Winger) and Michael (Tracey Letts). Both of them live together but have long extramarital affairs. Further, their lovers ask them to end up their marriage, but a poetic morning relights their bond. In this way, their choice to part from each other gets hard. There is humor in the twists of sexuality and human love. Furthermore, this romantic comedy on Netflix invites you to spend your time on it. 


Love and Basketball


Love and Basketball is one of the most loved Netflix romantic movies. The director Gina Prince-Blythewood depicts the story about the lives of two next-door neighbors. Hence, two neighbors (Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps) in Los Angeles fall in love with each other after seeking their basketball career. Not only romance, but you will also find pure sports drama. Hence, it is an entirely fair date movie for the sport-lover partner in your life.


To All the Boys I've Loved Before


This teen love film directed by Susan Johnson is based upon the story of a novel having the same name. The teenager Lara (Lana Condor), deals with her release of secret about her past and present crushes. It occurred due to the five letters, which she had written and then were sent out her knowledge. Hence, Lara and her old crush Peter (Noah Centineo) chose to fake a relation to jealous his ex. But then things happened differently, and they develop true feelings. Hence, it is one of the Netflix Romantic movies, which is full of joy from start to end.


Obvious Child


It is one of the best romantic comedy new movies, which, has directed by Gillian Robespierre. The story follows Donna (Jenny Slate), a young comic who encounters confident adulthood due to unplanned pregnancy. Hence, when she finds out, she chose to abort. This movie is quite fresh as it gives a frank depiction of abortion rather than dark and sad. A well-made romantic film is available on Netflix for your entertainment.




It is great to be in the mood of love, mainly for the couples to keep their relation refreshing. Hence, Netflix gives you tons of fancy flavors, which you can watch with your love of life. Enjoy any of the best Netflix romantic movies from meet-cutes, lovers' dramas, and longing from afar. also, read our review of the best movies on Netflix.

Netflix Romantic Movies

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