NASA caught unreported sites causing air pollution

NASA is really struggling hard to save world from pollution. NASA created a new satellite-based method to identify sources of pollution. 

This  new method supports the  finding of toxic leaks and thirty-nine sites emitting toxic fuels mainly sulfur dioxide has been uncovered by NASA. The majority of the sites causing pollution are located in the Middle East and some part of Middle East and Russia. 

Sulfur dioxide  is the main component of acid rain and is one of the six pollutants monitored by the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency. Now a days, sulfur dioxide managing activities include emissions derived from ground-based measurements mainly fuel usage. 

NASA's this method not only  include tracking of sulfur dioxide but also the natural sources of toxic chemical compounds, like volcanoes  when not erupting emits sulfur dioxide. 

NASA is really helping us to increase our understanding of our home planet, and to save the future of our planet.

NASA caught unreported sites causing air pollution

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