Most Excellent Beaches in Georgia

Georgia seashore faces the Atlantic Ocean connecting South Carolina and Florida. The state extends west and north to the Appalachian Mountains. Little barricade islands lie just off the shore and feature several of the region’s top beaches.


Cumberland Island National Seashore

A few miles north of the Florida border line, Cumberland Island National Seashore has 17 miles of beaches, and two of the state’s deluxe. Visitors voyage by ferry to arrive at the isle, enabling the park service to limit the number of people in the park. Sea Camp Beach sits near the southern part of the island and offers restrooms, swimming areas and camping. Campers also have entrance to showers. Stafford Beach is close to a wilds region and attracts beachcombers. High surf from storms produces resources such as coquinas, disc clams, moon snails and shark’s teeth.


St. Simon’s Island and Little St. Simon’s Island

St. Simon’s Island located just off the shoreline from Brunswick, a big business hub in southern Georgia. A walkway connects the metropolitan to the island. The most admired coast is at Massengale Park. The family-friendly coastline offers swimming and water sports. The hard-packed sand allows bike riding. An adjoining Coast Guard competence includes the Coastal Encounters Nature Center. The hub offers blockade island ecosystem walks and kayak excursions. Both beaches have restrooms and showers. Just 32 people stay on the island at any one time.


Most Excellent Beaches in Georgia

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