Microsoft Surface Pro 4 view

The new model of Microsoft surface pro is a bit lanky and lightweight and weighs up to hundredths of a pound  but its dimensions are almost similar to pro 3 the same. 

According to it's creators, Microsoft pro 4 is the best 2-in-1 PC they've ever tested. Microsoft has really made the Pro perfectly for use as either a PC or tablet 

According to technology news, extending Microsoft Surface Pro as the “ultra mobile”  would really  make it an ultra-ruling computer with a Surface book. 

Unlike the old model, the new model has a long list of ultra things, like the keyboard is more broad, the touch-pad is even larger, the display is immense and with more pixel resolution, the pen is more touchy with the screen, and thanks to the new hard drive that offers twice the storage as before. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 view

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