Lenovo opens latest Think Vision modular monitors

Lenovo is ongoing its shove into the modular desktop PC space. At CES , Lenovo revealed two latest displays, every with a dissimilar get on how a modular should work.

The Think Vision X24 Pro is a 23.8-inch full HD IPS monitor that can attach via mDP or USB-C wires. The monitor also has a coherent Real Sense 3D camera, making Windows 10 login easy easy with Windows Hello. For those who work with 3D printing, the articulating camera can also be used to capture 3D scans, making it an adaptable setup. The display also approaches with stereo 3W stereo speakers built in.


Though the monitor is worth at $399 when it begins shipping in May, the finest component about the Think Vision X24 Pro is the elective accessories. With these accessories, you can acclimatize the monitor to your requirements.

Modular AIO

If you desire an all-in-one PC but wish the aptitude to simply advance, Lenovo's Think Centre TIO II display is an immense answer. The display comes in either 22-inch or 24-inch form features, or the screens have very negligible bezel. The resolution is complete HD on both screen dimensions.

The pleasant fraction about the Think Centre TIO II is that it approaches with an increasing group on the back. If you employ Lenovo's Tiny PCs, you can glide the Tiny PC into the back rising bracket, and the generally package will look like an AIO PC. The finest part is that if you require upgrading the monitor, you can use again the computing fraction, and likewise if you require upgrading the computing side of the equation, you can save and use again the screen.

Lenovo opens latest Think Vision modular monitors

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