Latest Withings Steel watch is reasonable and fashionable

Withings, admired for its Activate watch line has revealed a latest linked wearable called the Activité Steel.  Featuring a stainless steel box, chrome hands, silicone straps and a tachymeter-inspired sub-dial the Activité Steel is devised towards men's style but can also be seen as the extra best edition of the .

The watch counts your steps, sleep and swimming actions in genuine time and proceeds a quiet alarm identical to the preceding Activités. The Steel's battery lasts up to eight months with no a particular charge.


also traits two hand dials, one viewing the time and a sub-dial illustrating the proportion of your every day step objective attained. The step aim is set in the free Withings Health Mate application (obtainable on equally iOS and Android platforms). It also mechanically notices activities (such as running and swimming) and will change to check sleep when worn at night. The device is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

At just $169.95, it will originally be obtainable in typical black and is wholly sold from the Withings Store.

Latest Withings Steel watch is reasonable and fashionable

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