LG operational on an entire latest type of curved phone

been foremost the indict towards flexible, stretchy phones of late - but it emerges it may be altering way in arrange to enhanced struggle with its South Korean arch-rival. According to consta-leaker Evan Blass on Twitter, "LG's also got a handset with curved display in the works - but this one wraps over the top of the device."

What these resonances like is that the screen will revolve about the top - which could either mean an option to the side curves of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, or one that goes all the way above the top to make a complete latest screen.


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Moreover way it will be a important departure from previous year's if it approaches to pass, as that phone had a small bend in the screen and chassis. Unlike the further well-known Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which curves the left and right of the screen at the sides, LG's G Flex 2 curves in the in the centre of the gadget so that the entire phone is a extremely gentle crescent shape.

Its improbable LG will verify or refute anything this face of Christmas now, although here's hoping we find out further at CES 2016 in .

LG operational on an entire latest type of curved phone

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