LG Zero grounds to lastly convey a complete metal cover to an LG smart phone

LG is departing all metal. Unhappily this doesn't signify long hair, noodly guitar solos and grouchily refusing to leaves its bedroom while snooping to Slayer - instead this is the release of the LG Zero, the company's primary smart phone with a complete metal body.


With a case completed of solid aluminum, the Zero sports an "" propose on the borders to create it emerge thinner. This is very much a fancy seeming phone, intended for populace who care regarding manner and exhibiting their indirect wealth. Spec-wise things are small extra mid-range. The phone sports a 5-inch In-Cell Touch 720p IPS display, which the corporation maintains brings sooner gratitude, crisper images and is improved for screening outdoors.

Style over substance

It is motorized by a 1.2GHz quad-core processor with 1.5GB of RAM - and has 16GB of storage. It comes running Android Lollipop - though certainly we can anticipate an upgrade to at some tip?

The camera though is up there with LG's present flagship handset, the G4 - with its 13MP back camera using the similar tech as the 16MP snapper on the flagship, whereas both have an camera on the facade.

Accurate pricing and accessibility hasn't been proclaimed yet, though has verified that the gadget will be striking Taiwan this week, pursued by Asia, Europe and Latin America at various point in the prospect.

LG Zero grounds to lastly convey a complete metal cover to an LG smart phone

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