Is Nintendo Switch Worth Buying?

Is the Nintendo Switch worth buying in 2020? Remember when gamers went crazy over the Nintendo Switch released in 2018, which gained a massive deal in just two days of selling when it became the first ever major deal in Nintendo's history.

Nintendo switch

Nintendo sold 14.86 million new Nintendo Switch units in just 10 months following the release of Wii U in less or 10 months. The Japanese gaming company has proved the incredible selling of the Nintendo switch over the last 2 years, which reveals how good the gaming experience on a Nintendo Switch is.

The Nintendo Switch was officially launched into the stores with the price of £279 and $299 in the US.


This Nintendo switch is built with a perfect TV mode along with Handheld which has smartly designed controls and Tabletop mode granting with comfortable angles to play games. 

Joy-con controllers are actually a built-in perk for the gamers, allowing them to delve into an ingenious gaming zone.

It brings completely different games which are not available on any other devices, and Switch is extremely good with multiplayer games unlike the others.


Joy cons with all its impressive features is deficient in grasping and growing communication issues, since it lacks Bluetooth connection.

Resolutions aren't the best , But still are smooth and the model's battery life is short.


Yes yes Nintendo Switch is definitely worth buying. This is such an amazing device at such a fair price, you can now grab it from online retailers, like   Amazon, Gamestop and GAME.

Is Nintendo Switch Worth Buying?

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