Is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality The Same?  


The concepts "augmented reality" and "virtual reality" are frequently used today as we hear these terms almost everyday as well as they are used in everyday life.    

Much as Pokémon Go. Technologies evolve, bleeding a little; Zombies Run , they are quite separate ideas, with features that clearly distinguish these one from the other. Virtual devices revealed by Oculus Rift include the use of AR-based software and games.


Augmented Reality


AR is a tech that holds computer-generated changes inside an actual reality, making it much more versatile due to the potential to communicate with it. AR is translated into apps and is used on mobile devices to merge digital components in the physical world in a way that facilitates the creation of each other, but can also be easily differentiated.


AR processing is rapidly approaching the mainstream. It is used to execute a point overlay on Tv channels, emails, videos and three-dimensional messages on smartphones. Members of the The AR industry are embracing innovative and creative artefacts using stereoscopic representations and motion-enabled instructions.


Virtual reality


VR is a computer-generated, digital image of a virtual or actual world or scenario. This helps people to imagine like they are witnessing virtual life, specifically enhancing their eyes and sound, so that they can immerse them in the user.

Usually VR is operated using a headset similar to Oculus Facebook, built with this technology, which varies in two ways:


(1) Boost learning in real-world environments by developing practical simulation software so people can train beforehand, such as pilot flight control simulators.

Virtual reality can all be integrated in a software programming language VRML, a           virtual reality modelling language (VRML), which can be used to construct a set of images and to construct ways and modes of experiences.


(2) Create and enhance innovative realities for games , entertainment and sports.



So in conclusion, Augmented Reality improves possibilities when adding interactive items such as computer graphics, Photos, or sensations as a new form of real-world contact. Virtual Reality instead establishes its existence-reality, which is programmed and completely operated by a computer.


Is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality The Same?   

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