Innovating your pet into a therapy pet

Pets like dogs, parrots and many other pets at Veterans Affairs hospitals have downsized anxiety and other symptoms among patients that are being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder.  

psychologist, Valerie Abel  of the pet therapy program at the Brooklyn Veterans Affairs said that the existence of the therapy pets makes a lot of difference. Many ask that when they'll be back.He also said that when a big dog puts his on patient's bed, you can actually see them relax. 

Research have shown that just 20 minutes after a dog therapy, there is decrease in levels of stress hormone and levels of pain-reducing endorphin rise.endorphin actually triggers positive feelings in the body, similar to that of morphine. 

Old age patients with dementia, stress and depression declines after they interact with therapy pets. 

Innovating your pet into a therapy pet

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