Ice cubes can keep your houseplants alive


Houseplants are incredibly beautiful that reckon up the glaring living beauty. If you are a beginner than you must be trying over-watering for the slaying beauty of your plant but you need to know that Over-watering is one of the major  common causes that results in dying of your houseplant.  

 Here giving you an easy trick that will keep your plants alive. You just have to freeze ice cubes once in a week for your plants. In spite of using a watering can try pouring a large ice cube on the soil once a week that really works. The ice helps roots  and clay to absorb water completely and properly.  

 This tricks also works perfect for hanging plants and orchids as their roots need to be great for hard-to-reach specimens (like hanging plants) and orchids, because their roots need to be well used up. 

Ice cubes can keep your houseplants alive

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