How to write an essay

How to write an essay | Key points




Writing an essay is not an easy task among the students. You have to learn how to write an essay if you want to deliver your thoughts about any subject. An essay may define as a story, an article that shares the author’s opinion through words.


How to write an essay effectively


Before writing down an essay, you need to have a plan. Make a plan which clarifies how you can write an essay more effectively.

There are some points which help you in writing an essay


Choosing the topic

If your topic is already assigned, then make sure what type of stuff you want to share. If your question is not confirmed yet, then first decide which kind of essay you want to write. Choose your theme according to your interests.


Make an outline

Organize your thoughts if you want to write a perfect essay. First, write the topic name on a page and then write down your ideas related to the theme. Leave some space between the lines so that you can rewrite some minor points regarding critical positions. This process will help you to write an essay in an organized way.


Thesis statement

After choosing the topic name and sorting your ideas, a thesis statement should be created to justify the topic. There should be two parts. The first part will explain the text while the second one will clarify your points.


Write down Introduction

The introduction should grab the attraction of the reader. Share the informative stuff. Don’t involve things not related to the topic. It can be a dialogue, quotes, and a summary of your topic.  Make sure that it is related to the thesis statement.


Body of essay

It is the heart of your essay. Write down every main idea that you wrote earlier to create an outline. Try to write information in a systematic flow, so that the reader can easily understand. Add examples to make it more comprehensive.



The whole nectar of your essay is involved in this step. A conclusion is considered to be the best place to wrap up the story. You can end it by adding some morals. The words and syntax should be different from the introductory part.


Final touches

You are maybe wrong if you think that after conclusion, your essay is ready to represent. Pay attention to all small details, and make sure that everything is in order. Re-read your paper to make sure that there are no grammar or spelling mistakes. Make sure that all the paragraphs are in order. The reader should not get confused.


Fast Tips to write an impressive essay


  • Your title should be unique enough to attract the reader
  • Make it in a simple language and add exciting factors.
  • Don’t add unnecessary stuff to increase the length

The above key points were given to guide you that how to write an essay while these tips are provided to make sure that your essay is ready to personify.

How to write an essay

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