How to lose face fat | 10 Effective Tips to Lose Face Fat and Double Chin

How to lose face fat | 10 Effective Tips to Lose Face Fat and Double Chin

How to lose face fat

Our face is the actual age detector. Therefore, many people wanted their face to look slim but they don’t know how to lose face fat.  So, the proper method to lose face fat is to do exercise. Now the question arises that what exercises are best to lose face fat.

Tips: How to lose face fat


Warm-up your body

You can warm up your body by doing stand up and sit down. As with, don’t forget to hold you’re back straight. Likewise, sing some vowels like A, O, I, U, etc.

Now when your body is fully warm up, there are some exercises. These exercises will make your face glowing and slim.


Exercise no 1:

After sitting down, tilt your head on its back. Then, look at the roof/sky and stick out your lower jaw. Hold your position for 5-10 seconds. Surely, repeat it after a break


Exercise no 2:

The next exercise is called a chin lift. Thus, hold your arms over the chest. Now raise your chin. Stand straight and take a long breath while count down from 1-10. Now return back to your position slowly


Exercise no 3:

In the same way, this exercise is very easy. Lift the corners of your lips on the lower side. Now return back to the position after holding it or 5-10 seconds. Repeat this exercise for almost 5-6 times.


Exercise no 4:

In contrast, this exercise is even easier than the previous one. So, make a fish face and hold on your positions for 10 seconds. Now, equally, try to smile. Repeat this exercise for 5-6 times.


Exercise no 5:

To shape your jawline sit down on the straight ground. Touch the tip of your tongue against the upper wall of your face. So, does it until you feel a stretch in your neck. Repeat it for 4-5 minutes


Exercise no 6:

Imagine yourself trying to eat something with a closed mouth. Then, take deep breaths during the process. Also, stay relaxes and repeats it for 5-6 times.


Exercise no 7:

Fill your mouth with air and transfer it from right to left. Or you can imagine yourself using mouth wash. Continue this process for some moments.


Exercise no 8:

Sit comfortably in such a way that your knees are down. Put your palms on your thighs and ake out your tongue and move it downwards.  Similarly, repeat this exercise after a break.


Exercise no 9:

Place your middle and index fingers on your brows. Then, push the skin down softly. Now lift our eyebrows up and down. Also, repeat this exercise 10 times.


Exercise no 10:

Close your eyes tightly. Hold it for 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise after a break.


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Fast tips: How to lose face fat

  • Drink more water. However, it helps you to lose fat
  • Reduce usage of alcoholic products. Because they are high in calories but low in nutrients
  • Next, reduce sodium intake. It increases facial puffiness.
  • Also, take a balanced diet and cut down the sweets.
  • Change your sleep schedule if you are sleeping too much. As a result, it increases your weight.
  • Try to smile more. It acts as an exercise.

How to lose face fat | 10 Effective Tips to Lose Face Fat and Double Chin

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