How to Make YouTube Channel

How to Make YouTube Channel – Create your Personal Channel to Promote Your Business and Earn Money


YouTube is the most popular Google-owned video network among kids as well as adults. Almost one-third of people on the internet use YouTube to watch videos and generate a billion views. In this way, it is vital to know how to make YouTube channel to create a public presence on the site. With it, you can easily upload videos in order to promote your business, write remarks or make playlists.


                                                                                How to Make YouTube Channel


How to Make YouTube Channel Step-by-Step


Either you use your computer or YouTube mobile site to make a channel on the second most visited website in the world.


Step 1: Register a Google Account


If you already do not have a Google account, create one to begin. For this purpose, go to the Google account creation page. Here, you can register your account using the old Gmail address or even the new. Hence, enter all the details, which will not have any link with your YouTube account.

Read our hand-on guide to delete your Google Account.


Step 2: Sign in to YouTube


The creation of Google account will result in the formation of a personal YouTube account. Therefore, go to YouTube .com and then in the top right corner of the page, click 'sign in'. In this way, you can log in using your Google account with which you want to associate your channel. However, for a business, you can also set up the brand account.


Step 3: Create Your YouTube Channel


On YouTube, you will find an option "Create a channel" under the setting option. Hence, click on this link to create a personal channel or using a business name. Next, name the channel and select a category from below:


  • Arts, Sport or Entertainment
  • Brand or Product 
  • Company, Institution or Organization
  • Other


Step 4: Optimize Your Channel


Just as if on Facebook, you have a cover photo, it is the case with YouTube in the form of YouTube artwork. Moreover, channel art is very vital to let people know more about your brand or personality. After knowing how to make a YouTube channel, present it with a strong identity:


  • Choose your channel
  • Move around the profile icon to select Edit channel icon
  • Upload the image and do required cropping
  • Similarly, hover over the banner image and choose Edit channel art.
  • Upload image with suggested size 2,560 x 1,440 pixels


You can also preview your cover art, as to how will it appear on other devices.


Step 5: Add links to your channel


In order to, further enhance the channel's layout; add links to the channel banner. For that purpose, go to your channel and select "Customize channel." Under the pencil icon (in 'About' tab) add links that you want them to appear on the channel banner. Hence, add the website info and as many links as you wish. 


Thoughts on how to Make YouTube Channel


Now, after grasping all the steps of how to make YouTube channel, add quality content to your channel. As it is the most accessible site, you must not miss the chance to promote your business and earn money through more views and subscribers. also, read our review of the best VPN for Chrome extension, so that you can protect yourself from malicious hackers.

How to Make YouTube Channel

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