How to Delete your Google Account | Delete Google Account

How to Delete your Google Account  

delete your google account


Do you know that you can, at any time, delete your Google Account?   But remember, if you shift your plan later, you cannot be able to regain it.

Google newly made some changes to its privacy settings. It makes it easier. The option to forever delete a Google Account is always in your hands.


Stage 1: Read what it means to delete your Google account


·         All content and data in this account, such as photos, calendars, files, and emails, will be lost.

·         You can't use Google services to sign in to this account, like Drive, Play, Calendar, or Gmail.

·         Subscriptions and content bought on this account will lose on Google Play or YouTube, such as games, movies, apps, music, and TV shows.


You will drop more content and data


·         Your saved information in Chrome, such as bookmarks

·         Gmail ID. You will not receive any emails sent to this address. You cannot use your address again by anyone else or you.


Stage 2: Download and Review your info


Before deleting your account:

  • Know how to download the data; you need to keep. Analyze the data in your account.
  • If you use your Gmail ID for social media, apps, or online banking, add a new ID for those services.
  • Study how to add return info. Update your account recovery info, in case you try to recover your account later.


Step 3: Delete your Google account


Note: Deleting one account will not delete other accounts if you own more than 1 Google Account.


Match these actions to delete Google Account

  1. Go to Google Account.
  2. Click Data and Personalization in the left-hand navigating panel.
  3. In the Dashboard, plan, delete or download, click the ‘delete your account’, or a service.
  4. Click Delete your account on the panel 'Delete your Google Account.'


If you are an Android device user


On your device, you may no longer use some services and apps.


Google Apps


  • You can't update or get games or apps from the Google Play Store.
  • You may not use the books, magazines, movies, or music you have bought.
  • You will lose the music you purchased and added it to Google Play.
  • You may lose games success, your gains and other data from your Google Play account.



  • Only your contacts stored in Google Account will be lost. Other contacts saved to your device will not miss.




  • Data will not save in Drive. This data covers data downloaded from e-mails or images taken by your device.
  • You cannot upload or download data using a deleted account.

If you are using a Chromebook

You cannot use any Chrome extensions or apps for the deleted accounts, unpaid or paid.


Hence, It is the way that how you delete your Google Account. People who send emails to the old Gmail ID will receive a message of delivery failure. But before deleting your account, do you want to know? Google search engine tricks can change you in the Internet investigator.

How to Delete your Google Account | Delete Google Account

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