How to Clear CA

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How to Clear CA

Chartered Accountancy is a professional degree in a field of finance, accounting, auditing, taxation, and business. Many people want to rank high in CA but they don't know exactly how to clear CA? It requires average intelligence with a lot of hard-working. Every country has its system of CA. Every country has its system of CA. In some countries, you need a bachelor's degree to appear in the CA exam or graduation somewhere.


Chartered accountants are the only professionals who deal with a tax of large companies that have big capital. Most of the CAs are working globally with large companies. They have a handsome package because they are highly professionals in their field. Here we make a list of some essential points that will help you in understanding how to clear CA exams.


How to Clear CA? - 7 easy tips


1. Daily Accountability

One thing you must clear in your mind that it's a long journey. At this time you will face a lot of difficulties and waste your time. Before sleeping you must revise thoroughly what you've done the whole day. Compare the present-day to yesterday and try to do better than yesterday.


2. Focus

You see many people who spend a lot of time but they fail to clear CA. It is because they are not able to keep themselves focused all the time. Strictly follow your daily plans. It cannot be delayed until there is an extreme situation.


3. Effective Study

Many people spend a lot of time with books in their hands but still, they don't get their desired result. It is because they get distracted during the study. Nowadays social media is a big source of distraction. When you are studying try to keep away your mobile, internet, TV or anything that can distract you.


4. Prepare Short Notes

As we know the syllabus of CA is very vast. We cannot revise the whole syllabus on the day of the exam. So we must have short notes which help us to revise the whole syllabus in a short time. It must be prepared by us as it helps in better understanding.


5. Concepts Clarity

Many people try to pass the exam by cramming but in the end, they fail miserably. We don't have the exact question of what we learned in preparation. If we have clear concepts then we can write about everything. It also helps in revising on exam day buy just reading headings.


6. Short Breaks

If you are studying continuously without taking a break, you'll get frustrated. No doubt it will increase your labor work but it will reduce efficiency, which is most important. After every 3, 4 hours of continuous study take a break of 10 minutes.


7. Persistency

You may familiar with many people who start things very passionately but over time they failed to keep themselves persistent. It wasted their all previous effort. So keep persistent and study 10-15 hours daily.

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With all the above tricks you also have belief in yourself. Make it your passion, dream and everything minimum for six months. If you like this then help someone else who is also confuse about how to clear CA.


How to Clear CA

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