Hoping solution for the rising of Haiti lakes

In Haiti, the lakes crunched farmland, absorbed communities that is leading to deforestation. The Haitian village of Lunettes appears to float and the lake's water level has risen so much that it has engulfed thousands of acres.  

 The lake Azuéi is the largest lake in Haiti that lies about 18 miles east of Port-au-Prince, that is capital of Haiti.The lake rose so much between 2004 and 2009 that it engulfed dozens of square miles. 

Scientist suggest that if the water’s rise could be reversed, the sunken land could probably returned to its original state. 

If scientists and the island’s governments could cooperate to reverse the lakes’ rise, the land that looks barren and destroyed, could once again be the land that has not yet get to the water’s hand.It could lush with palm trees and tall grasses upon which animals graze. 

Hoping solution for the rising of Haiti lakes

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