Helping the Blind See with Their Tongues


Technology, for us, it’s giving something back to somebody which was taken out of humanity.
Isn’t it amazing to know that science has invented new technologies that can help blind people see things with their tongues? There are approximately 285 million people across the worlds that are dealing with blindness. For making their life a little bit easier, there are some new technologies to help them. But what’s the most fantastic thing about such innovations is that it requires the surface of your tongue.

Brain Port V100

To help people see with their tongues is a huge deal to make. A company that makes medical devices was allowed to market this Brain Port device V100 by Food and Drug Administration. It’s so incredible to making blind people able to see through the tip of their tongue. Many devices are being invented that makes your brain work outstandingly because of these sensory substitution devices.


The device comprises three main things that are
• a couple of dark glasses
• tongue stimulating electrodes
• battery operated machine
That tongue stimulating electrodes are attached to a handy battery-operated device. The user feels some senses on their tongue when the cameras present in those dark glasses pick up visual response. Several machines were tested first to see how it is working and to what extent
blind people are responding to theses vibrations and going to see things through their tongues.

General Specifications

• Physical features: Its length is 13.3 cm with a width of 5.6 cm and has a height of 3.5 cm. Its weight is more than 175 gm. its cable length to the headset is 106 cm.
• Battery: It has internally rechargeable battery of 3.7V
• Operating conditions: They should be kept in a temperature ranges from 0C to +40C.
The humidity range for this device should be 5% to 95%. It can bear an atmospheric pressure range of 700 hPa.
• Materials: The material that is used in Brain Port V100 is latex-free.
• Experience: Blind people must actively take part in a training given by WI cab. It’s a minimum 10-hour long training to make blind people learn the features of the product.


• If you have oral health issues like sores in the mouth, you need to stop using the Brain Port V100 device until you get rid of oral health issues.
• Responses should be adjusted according to your comfort.
• If you feel any discomfort, stop using the method.
• Battery compartment door should be closed while you use the device.
• Don’t try to link your device with any other thing other than the headset.


It is possible if your Brain Port V100 stops working, you may take a few steps:
• Try not to fix it by your own without going through all the detail and information.
• There could be problems related to battery power.
• There could be problems related to the controller.
• There could be some headset troubleshooting


Helping the Blind See with Their Tongues

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