Greenland shark ‘oldest-living vertebrate’on Earth.

Scientists used radiocarbon dating to figure out the ages of 28 of the animals, and estimated that one female Greenland shark was about 400 years old. Life of 400 hundred years is no-way for humans. These Greenland sharks grow  just 1 cm a year, and gain ability to reproduce at the age of about 150 years.


Greenland sharks are huge beasts, that can get bigger up to 5 m in length.They are usually found, swimming lazily in deep waters of the North Atlantic.


Researchers analyzed 28 sharks, and using radiocarbon dating, they found out that a 5 m-long female was extremely ancient and as radiocarbon dating does not show sharp dates so, they were considering  it as young as 272 or as old as 512 but she was almost 400 years old.

Greenland shark ‘oldest-living vertebrate’on Earth.

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