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Do you know or ever wonder what the greenhouse effect is? And how it is affecting our earth? To get the basic idea and some GK on it, let’s read the small article on it.


What is the Greenhouse Effect?


The greenhouse effect is a process when the earth’s temperature rises due to water vapor and other gasses in the air. The heat will be only 18°C if there is no greenhouse effect on the planet. We cannot survive under this temperature.


When the sun rays get into the greenhouse, they cannot move outside. As stated by NASA, only 30% of the 100% sun rays reflected space. The greenhouse effect is a natural means, and it makes climate change. Due to this basis, the temperature of the earth gets raised.


From the last era, it has grown the amount of carbon dioxide and methane. Our trades are ruining the climate.  It’s not an easy task to rate a specific % of gasses as rarely clouds absorb the radiation. Carbon dioxide keeps energy in a long wave-length and is not greater than the greenhouse effect.



Rate of gasses altering greenhouse


  • Water vapor 36-70%


Water vapor works as a reply to the climate. A vibrant amount of water vapor is already in the air.


  • Carbon dioxide 9-6%


Carbon dioxide is a significant part of the air. It releases by natural processes like breath, volcano, and human projects. We also know these gasses as greenhouse gasses.              



History of the greenhouse effect


Joseph Fourier was the first person who argued on the reality of a greenhouse effect. More, Claude Pouillet gave more proof of the greenhouse effect.  Yet, Nils Gustaf Ekholm was the first person who used the term “greenhouse.”


Is the greenhouse effect harmful?


The greenhouse is good for us, but when the heat rises, it may turn into harmful.


  • It is a state that may lead to more evaporation.
  • The strong greenhouse effect will melt glaciers and oceans.
  • It may let water to extend and warm.
  • People are hoping that one day; the Arctic Ocean will be free from ice.


How do human actions affect the greenhouse effect?


As claimed by a report of 1300 scientific experts, the cause after warming the earth is human activities. Over the last 1500 years, our industrial area is releasing carbon dioxide.


  • Gina McCarthy says that greenhouse gas infection, by its addition to global climate change, offers a vital threat to health and the conditions upon which our market and society depend.


  • Overpopulation is also a reason. There is a higher need for shelter, food, and homes. People are moving here and there due to which more fuel is in use.


  • A landfill is also the cause of the greenhouse effect. The reason is it holds toxic gasses such as methane, carbon dioxide, etc.


We hope, now you know what the greenhouse effect is? But do you know, NASA has revealed that our Earth has seven duplications?

Greenhouse Effect

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