Google has executed the innovative Nexus 6

Similar to a late 19th century car possessor euthanizing his horse, it emerges that Google has place a projectile into its previous flagship phablet, the Nexus 6. Droidlife at first marked that the enormous phone has at present been detached from sale in the Google Play store. But don't hut a tear, as since this autumn the gadget has been provided outdated by its successor, the Nexus 6P.


At the occasion that while immense, the phone was maybe a modest too big. Even for a phablet given that the screen was a enormous 6 incher.

The Nexus 6P, along with its lesser complement, the 5X, went on trade at the end of October. It added a fingerprint sensor, support for USB-C and front-facing stereo speakers. It also shrunk the gadget down a slight to a meager 5.7 inch screen.

Google has executed the innovative Nexus 6

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