Google Project: Fi mobile network

The company will rent out data capacity and voice from two already existing operators and those are T-Mobile and Sprint and they will use their own existing wi-fi hotspots, they will not make a latest infrastructure.

Originally, This Fi Project of Google will only be presented to Nexus 6.

"Nobody would have idea that a handset maker could change the mobile manufacturing by making a team with one network but that's what comes about with AT&T and Apple when Iphone was launched. And Google has repeatedly shown that they can change the direction of industry if they entered in it.

The company has currently exposed that their users can automatically be switched among 4G signals presented by T-Mobile and Sprint, it will depend on the signal power, any signal that is powerful at that time.

They can also make calls without using any preferred apps by using Wi-Fi. They also secure our data using encryption.

The firm has explained that if you are using 3G with $30 and you use just 1.4GB in one month then you will be charged $16 rather than $30.

Google Project: Fi mobile network

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