Google's latest app desires to identify Who's Down

Once you've got a collection of apps wrapping email, office apps, maps, an intellectual supporter, photos, notes, calendars, messaging, social networking and just concerning the lot also there aren't numerous fresh directions to discover.

still has latest thoughts for software though - hence its Who's Down app, which just showed up on the App Store and Google Play. As you could perhaps suppose from the name, it lets you observe which of your friends are complimentary to hang out immediately.


After you've ascertained 'who's down' you can begin chatting in the app and compose plans to do something. Your 'available' status is fine for three hours so consider coffee in town relatively than a camping weekend.

Call me maybe?

isn't letting the extensive public at big install the app - at slightest not yet. There's been no authorized announcement from Mountain View about the app also. This is perceptibly a little scale roll-out then - though the similar college student restrictions didn't do Face book any damage, helping to make up publicity for the hatchling social network by it became accessible to everyone.

We don't identify whether we'll still obtain possibility to play about with and uncover how excellent our friends are at avoiding us - however it's appealing to see Google playing around with new thoughts for offshoot apps outside of its conventional tools.

Google's latest app desires to identify Who's Down

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