Google's Cardboard Camera app re describes 'live photographs'

While Apple's iPhone may approach with the Live Photos characteristics, Google is taking the thought of live photos to a further dimension.  Google's old Cardboard Camera app, which initiates today, let's you obtain photos which revolves into Cardboard-set experiences that you can step into once you slot your smart phone into a Google Cardboard.


states the app takes "VR photos," which are essentially 3D-like scenes "with slightly different views for each eye, so near things look near and far things look far."

 It's not a factual VR experience in the intellect of truly being capable to saunter around the picture; however it should create for further appealing holiday photos, giving one more deepness to recollections with the addition of sound too. The Cardboard Camera app is just obtainable on Android.

Google's Cardboard Camera app re describes 'live photographs'

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