Gigabyte flings hat in VR ring, hopeful to juice up gaming laptops

Is there any space left on the practical realism bandwagon? Actually so, since one more hardware retailer has plans for a VR gadget, explicitly Gigabyte. This reports approaches civility of Digi Times, from the mouths of the customary rumor dealers from the provide chain over in the Far East.


Apparently Gigabyte is operational with VR tech firm 3Glasses to create the hardware in query – as to what form it will get, that's indistinct at the instant. The statement notes that in the face of potentially weaker laptop sales next year, notebook makers seem to to assist distinguish and push their gaming portables.

Certainly, the basis who supposed in the ear of Digi Times also maintain that Asus will be opening a VR produce to be used with its gaming notebooks – though this could perhaps be the before stated budget version of . On the extra hand, together of these could be entirely split products, and Asus could have two gadgets in the pipeline…

At any rate, we'll discover out soon sufficient, as Digi Times reckons that these gadgets from both Asus and Gigabyte will be out in the primary half of subsequently year. If that's the case, we should be hearing some attractive hard info concerning them rapidly

Gigabyte flings hat in VR ring, hopeful to juice up gaming laptops

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