Fujitsu reveals a clasp of Windows 10 laptops, PCs and tablets for endeavor

Fujitsu has announced the launch of 12 new  powered devices for the venture and learning markets. The latest computers consist of two laptops, four desktop PCs, two workstations, one extended life PC and three Windows tablets. One of the latter includes the Arrows Tab Q506/ME, which is the company's first 10.1-inch tablet for the learning sector, and has a wide format "school ratio" display. It's also intended to be tough and water-resistant, and should confidently manage with those predictable knocks and accidents. Furthermore, the slate comes with a camera, and pen input which is thought to do a fine job of feeling like a customary pen writing on paper.


Rugged and secure

The other tablets include the Arrows Tab Q506/MB, and Arrows Tab Q665/M, with the previous also being a 10.1-inch slate which is completely rugged, plus water and dust resistant, being able of withstanding "sudden rainstorms". The new Esprimo desktop PCs run with sixth-generation Intel Core processors, and the two new Celsius workstations (W550 and J550) can be equipped with Nvidia Quadro M4000 graphics cards. Being project machines, Fujitsu perceptibly has safety in mind, and the Arrows Tab Q665/M along with two of the Life book notebooks have an optional fingerprint sensior, with the Life book A744/M even present a palm-vein verification sensor. The three latest tablets also support inaccessible data wipe amenities, and distant locking should they be stolen or lost.

Fujitsu reveals a clasp of Windows 10 laptops, PCs and tablets for endeavor

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