From 1 pound fish seller to a rockstar

A guy 31 year old from Pakistan used to sell fish in the London market wasn't a so called famous person there, with selling fish as a option to survive. In order to sell his fish he used to cry on his voice to gain attention of people but not that loud. 

One day his boss said him to shout out loud to gain some attention of people, but he didn't like shouting. As a matter of no option he made a song that goes on some what like this "Come on ladies, come on ladies, have-a, have-a look, one pound fish. Very very good, very very cheap, one pound fish". As he sang he was suddenly surrounded by a sea of fans. Taking his video to about 3.6 million views in just no time. Ultimately, this lead him to sign a contract with Warner Music.

Posted by Phoenix Mathew

From 1 pound fish seller to a rockstar

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