Five tips for using iBooks in OS X Mavericks

Some of the new features of Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks is iBooks. Now you can use tour Mac to read and annotate books as you can do with your iPhone and iPad. With its physical keyboard, your Mac is better suited for schoolwork than pleasure reading, letting you easily add notes as you go. Also, iBooks for OS X lets you open multiple books at once, useful for research projects where you are using multiple sources.

Still, the new iBooks app for OS X has a few kinks to iron out. For example, if you have multiple books open and minimized, and want to switch between them by using the icons in the Dock, you'll need to guess because instead of labeling each with the title of the book or document, the icons all share the same title of iBooks. Not helpful. Instead, you can use the Window menu for iBooks, where each book is listed by its title, to switch between multiple open books. Also, many menu options are available only for textbooks.

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Five tips for using iBooks in OS X Mavericks

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