Finally, Trump has got trading conformity with China.

China, revealing Unites States as 51% stakeholder in joint investments really seems to be a fine step for Chinese trading deals, but actually it's more profitable to president Trump as it has been a dire desire to include China as a subtle trading partner to improve U.S financial firms.

This announcement seems to be a gift for Trump's visit to China, for he didn't knew about it or asked about it in particular terms during his visit.

Generally, the two countries gave an impression of submission towards filling trade gaps, as president Trump said, "Trade between China and the US has not been over recent years very fair for the US,” the US president said after a morning of meetings with his Chinese counterpart. â€œWe must immediately address the unfair practices that drove [our trade] deficit along with barriers to market access.”

While acknowledging the success of US companies in China, president Xi said," We will never close doors, they will only open wider and wider." 

Finally, Trump has got trading conformity with China.

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