Figuring the mystery of Bermuda Triangle.

Bermuda Triangle, admitted as the devil's triangle is a territory of three vertices, in Miami, Florida peninsula, in San Juan,Puerto Rico, and in the  island of Bermuda. This Bermuda triangle has engulfed boats and big ships in the last few centuries, leaving an open question for scientist.

Recent research has found gigantic craters embedded in the sea bed around the coast of Norway, showing holes of exploded methane bubbles. The craters are  half a mile wide and 150ft deep and popping up  to cause  gas leakage  from waste of oil and gas hidden deeper in the sea surface. The explosion of these gases are thought to be the answer of Bermuda Triangle Mystery. 

Rest of the detail will be announced in the coming month, with a matter that whether these bubbles could caution ships and could also disappear ships.

Figuring the mystery of Bermuda Triangle.

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