Fav Shows To Binge Watch On Amazon Prime

Fav Shows To Binge Watch On Amazon Prime


If you are on the hunt for a new TV series for a binge-watch since the quarantine keeps extending…if you finished netflix and now you got nothing to watch don't worry there is so much not to miss on amazon prime. Everyone has their favorite genre, from action to romantic dramas and superheros, comedies to crime dramas and more. These TV series will surely help you spend a good time for as long as you need to be. 


The Expanse

The Expanse combines science-fiction and crime noir into a visually appealing series, It's the narrative  is the detective searching for the missing young women. The three major storylines unfold are the investigation plot, the passengers of the ship trapped in waging war space factions and the diplomatic manipulations of all those in control on Earth and Mars.

In my opinion The Expanse probably is one of the best ever Sci-fiction shows out there.

the expanse


The tale focuses on complicated common life challenges and family and relationships and how it affects the story of a single woman's existence. It is a single woman show  Clever and viciously funny living in London who chooses whom to bed with and habitually turns every situation sexual. There's a broad spread of various characters, which is perfect and balanced.



This show, unlike any other,has the finest story lines and is rich in intensity, the characters , plot twists, historical relevance, the visual effects and cinematography.  Everything about this show is just perfect.

The story is inspired by mythical legends of the North and renowned as the scourge of England and France, the famous Viking Ragnar Lothbrok.


Fav Shows To Binge Watch On Amazon Prime

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