Expansion of alien species around the Globe

Recent researches have shown an increase in the growth of alien species on Earth and researchers say that they might pose a serious threat to our planet.

According to published study in the journal, 'Proceedings of the National Academy of sciences,' Many plants and animals are being detected as invasive species called as "Emerging alien species," their activity may influence the connate environment.

It's been abounding centuries, since Earth has been invaded by life but the appearance of new species is still high. 

Almost 16 percent of planet's species could be classified as alien species, labelling back to the year 1500.

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Study co-author Tim Blackburn said in a statement from University College London, "Humans have been moving species to new places for thousands of years, so we might have expected that most species that have the potential to become aliens would already have done so, “instead, it seems the pool of new aliens is far from dry.” 

Preventive measures have been taken in order to reduce the number of alien species that are causing threat to our biodiversity. 

Expansion of alien species around the Globe

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