Enchanted narwhals"Unicorns of the sea" becoming an endangered specie.

The angelic Narwhals living in the white land are ravishing.The long tusks bulging from their heads has made them 
"Unicorns of the sea".
Narwhals are related to the species of bottelnose,belugas,harbour porpoises and oscars.
These enchanted animals have two teeth.In males,the sword like tooth protrudes form their heads.
The thing to worry about is that narwhals have been indexed as "endangered specie"due to unfavorable climatic conditions.
Narwhals can't give a wide berth to the climatic changes which has become an alarming situation for their survival.
They use ice to protect themselves against the hungry killer whales.But the world's temperature is rising,melting of ice have set foot in for easy narwhals hunting and that calls for the deterrent work to protect them.If we linger too long,there might be no narwhals left to protect.

Enchanted narwhals

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