Eight-legged arthropods living on your face.

Every human carry arthropods on their face, but don’t flip out they aren’t freaky spiders they are microscopic mites somehow like spiders.

Almost every human being has them. Scientists have known that we all seem to have microscopic mites living on our face. But don’t buy a strong scrub  to get rid of them because they are harmless.

Our face has larger number of pores as compare to other body parts. Thousands of mites live in the pores of the face .

There are two species of mite that live on your face:Demodex folliculorum and D.brevis.

D.folliculorum lives in pores and hair follicles while brevis swims in oily sebaceous glands.

The microscopic mites spend their entire life on human facial skin, where they eat, mate and then finally die.

The facial skin of human face is a habitat of thousands of microscopic mites so human body would be eco-system for thousands of microscopic creatures.



Eight-legged arthropods living on your face.

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