Each Motorola smart phone this year will include a fingerprint scanner

Motorola initiated a burly variety of phones in 2015; however one obsession they all needed was fingerprint scanners.  That's all leaving to alter this year although, as in a consultation with Tech Sina, Lenovo's SVP Chen Xudong exposed that each Moto-branded cell phone in 2016 will have a fingerprint scanner.

That's fairly a rotated from untimely 2015, when the corporation maintained that scanning wasn't yet prepared for major time. So seemingly it's sure that the tech is currently up to scrape.


Gigantic blowers

Xudong also exposed that all Moto-branded phones in 2016 will have screens of at least 5 inches, which isn't awfully astonishing given that even the budget Moto G has a 5-inch display. Yet, there might not be a latest Moto E, as the corporation will be reserving the Moto name for higher-end gadgets and using the Lenovo Vibe product for lower-end ones.

Further worryingly the UI on this year's Moto variety will actually be altering, with the corporation preparation to combine the Vibe UI with the approximately store Android one establish on new Motorola handsets. What precisely that will denote remains to be seen, however moving additional away from unadulterated Android is improbable to be an optimistic thing. Still, at least we obtain fingerprint scanners.

Each Motorola smart phone this year will include a fingerprint scanner

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