Do not count up on the iPhone 7 having an AMOLED display

A honored analyst has dismissed rumors that Apple could be toggling to AMOLED in place of LCD screens for the iPhone 7. Rumors of Apple switching above to OLED tech for its handsets exploded up about two weeks before, however according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple won't accept AMOLED screens for iPhones awaiting at least 2019.


noted that Fox conn will be making a sixth-generation LTPS TFT-LCD production line in Zhengzhou, China, with accumulation production planned to begin in 2018. Kuo considers this is to get ready for prospect orders of TFT-LCD screens for iPhones, not OLED ones.


While the Apple Watch sports an AMOLED screen, iPhones have constantly touted LCD displays, which can tentatively attain a advanced level of brightness crossways the entire screen, as displays employ a backlight to illuminate pixels.

screens are also a slight inexpensive to make, and presenting improved presentation under sunlight. For now, OLED display pixels create glow on their individual, which usually lets for a better contrast ratio, delivering truer blacks, as it can entirely turn off pixels when wanted, however price a slight more.

Do not count up on the iPhone 7 having an AMOLED display

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