Detect Racist People Through AI


An AI device that sought to assess and measure the physiological indications associated with racism has been designed by a group of researchers from the University of Virginia. They're developing a wearable system that attempts to detect when you have racist thoughts.

It works on Implicit Association Test using the current criterion for recognizing implicit systemic racism. You simply look at a couple of photos and terms and associate them as quickly as possible with "light skin," "dark skin," "good," and "bad”. In simpler words, Some individuals have a physiological expression to people of a different race from themselves, and if they do, we could analyze it. These two concepts were integrated by the University of Virginia Researchers. They gathered 76 volunteers and asked them to take the Implicit Association Test by using a wearable sensor to assess their physiological expression.

The core of the research is to analyze the data by using a machine learning technique. This AI doesn't really label racism or discrimination it predicts, it only points to a few of the adverse events associated with it.

Detect Racist People Through AI

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